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The whole system of pioneer-ai applies artificial intelligence technology in various fields, logic and mathematics, linear analysis, statistics, psychology and other professional Sciences, quantitatively analyzes and predicts prices and risks, finds the trading path with the maximum probability of profit, and provides the profit and loss analysis after each transaction to the AI intelligent system for adjustment, and becomes a trading prophet with the ability of "genetic evolution". Pioneer intelligence is an expert who can "genetic evolution" data statistics, analysis, calculation and comprehensive application, and can find the trading path with the greatest probability of profit.

Four intelligent systems of pioneer intelligence

An innovative AI quantitative community, the core products of Yiyuan AI are aggregate income system, quantitative intelligent trading system, hedge quantification, combustion quantification, nine risk control systems and social circle.


Automatic discrimination

24hr monitoring of trading opportunity


Automatic setting

Stop profit and stop loss of risk control index


Automatic merchandising

Faster and more accurate, one hit is sure to hit


Automatic learning

Latest instructions for self-improvement


Advantages of High Frequency Quantization

It is mainly reflected in big data, social networks, search engines, cloud computing, etc. The Internet can significantly reduce transaction costs, alleviate information asymmetry, and improve the efficiency of risk pricing and risk management (which will far exceed the judgment efficiency of the human brain).

Digitalization of information; The continuous improvement of computing power; The development of network communication is affecting the infrastructure of financial services.

Place orders quickly and make profits

High frequency trading is a branch of Quantitative Trading (in terms of the scale of assets under management), but because of the high efficiency of capital utilization, the potential rate of return is very high. High frequency trading can probably be described as mining trading opportunities in real time, placing orders quickly, obtaining profits, quantitative trading and quantitative investment based on the most accurate and in-depth data. It is a broad concept of financial trading, covering various quantitative trading methods, such as programming, hedging trading, quantitative brick moving, etc


High Frequency Quantization

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Shock trading system

Fixed investment and financial management

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Instantaneous price difference

intermarket spread

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Rigorous trading system

AI asset custody

Development strategy

Pioneer intelligent AI will focus on technical guidance, create a stable cash flow income from transactions, and bring users more industry information, helping to integrate global financial derivatives and digital asset trading platforms. Build a powerful global financial transaction service complex and gradually become a blockchain integrated service platform.

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